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Patal Bhuvaneshwar is a tiny village in Pithoragarh district it is situated in village Bhubneshwar, it is one of the most fascinating place of kumaon region it has a limestone cave temple 14Km. from Gangolihat in Pithoragarh district the height of the temple is 1350 meters above from the sea level. The cave is 160 m long _ 90 feet deep from the enterance point, the limestone rock formation have created various spectacular stalactite figures of various forms, it is believed that darshan at Patal Bhuvaneshwar yield the result of tapasya at kashi, Baidyanath or Kedarnath. There is a description of blessings to be attained in Patal Bhuvaneshawar in Skanda Purana _ Manas Kanda. Patal Bhuvaneshwar is not only one cave but its a cave city, there is 1 Km long cave here it is around 90 feet below the ground, there are four entrance inside the cave named Randwar, Papdwar, Dharmdwar _ Mokshadwar. At present there are only two gateways opened, Paapdwar was closed soon after Ravana'death _ Randwar closed down after great Mahabarata war. Check out anonse at DateZone.com
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Bageshwar is famous as Abode of Gods it is an important pilgrim _ tourist centre, it is situated approx. 90 Kms. from Almora, it is on the confluence of rivers Saryu _ Gomti.

Gangolihat is one of the small Himalayan town which is situated in Pithoragarh disctrict The place Gangolihat is famous for its Shakti Peethas of Kalika Goddess.

Chaukori is a small hemlet located in Pithoragarh district of Uttrakhand state, it is surrounded by towering Himalayan hills _ dense forests,
This awesome cave is believed to be as old as the earth, it was mentioned in detail in 103 chapter of Manaskhand of Skanda Purana, You can see the tongue of Kali Bhairav, Airavat of Indra hairs of Shiva _ more wonders inside the cave of Patal Bhuvaneshwar. Every stone _ stalagmite _ each things of this cave or doorway reveals the story of Hindus pantheon in shapes of Gods, Goddesses _ mythological characters. Forex mentor Vladimir Ribakov

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